Each year Audio Insight evaluates our product lines to make sure we are bringing our customers the best products and technology available. We are uniquiely positioned in our market to select what products we want to carry. Since we are direct dealers with our primary lines, we are not limited to what is offered by a particular distributor.

We always take sound & image quality, reliability, and control capability into consideration; but there are other aspects that we look at in order for a product to meet our standards.

Aesthetics - How is this product going to look in our clients home or business? What sets it apart from it's competitors?

Integration/Synergy - How well does this product integrate with everything that we carry as well as what our clients are asking for? Does this product compliment what we carry and our clients needs?

Just one example of this is reflected in our selection process for what speakers we carry. There are literally hundreds of good looking, good sounding speakers available from a number of different manufacturers. So how did we choose our lines after we establish whether a speaker line meets our sound quality standards?

First we look at Aesthetics. How does the product look? How many options are there for our clients? Is the fit and finish top notch?

Next we look at Integration/Synergy. How well does this speaker install with our other lines? Is it a nice pairing from a sound standpoint with our receivers and amps? Does it sound unique to anything else we offer? Are all of the speakers timbre matched to give us flexibility for different installations?

A speaker must pass these tests before we will consider it as a part of our line up.

We take this same pain staking approach with every single product line we carry. This ensures our clients that they are not only getting a product that produces a good image or that sounds great, but also one that was specifically chosen to compliment every part of their installation.

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