Home Networking

Get the Insight on...... Home Networking

In today's connected home, having a properly designed and set-up home network is more important than ever. Having a reliable network at home is no longer just about internet access for the family computer. From the iPad, AppleTV, and gaming systems, to Blu-ray players, HDTVs, and surround receivers. Even items in the house like range ovens, refrigerators, security systems and lighting are able to be connected and controlled. More and more network connected devices are being released all the time, and we are there to make it all work for you.

With fiber optic coming to Huntsville from companies such as Google, AT&T, and others, we are proud to confirm we can get your home or business ready for the fastest speeds with this new emerging technology.

Many home automation and lighting control companies are implementing network devices that make it easier to manage your home's energy use. These devices provide feedback on "power hungry" appliances as well as additional insight into your home's history of energy use. Take full control over your home by shutting down equipment that uses "standby power". Controllable lights and window treatments allow you take advantage of as much natural light and heat as possible based on weather forecasts. They can even enable access to your home's comfort and lighting controls from the office or while on vacation. The home's network is the backbone that allows everything to work how you envison it.

Numerous consumer electronics manufacturers are embracing digital content and streaming media like never before. Video and audio streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify and many others, are available on a variety of devices. Many of these services are now coming in at higher qualities, such as 4k video and high resolution audio which look and sound better than ever before. This extra quality requires a more reliable network than in the past. Audio Insight can install and maintain reliable home networks that make your home work smoothly and conveniently for you.