Home Automation

Get the Insight on....Home Automation!

Imagine relaxing in your favorite chair at night, and by pressing a single button on a remote control, your security system is automatically set, the thermostat is changed to a comfortable sleeping temperature, all of the unused lights are turned off, and your children's favorite bedtime music plays in each of their bedrooms.

A home automation system from Audio Insight makes this scenario and others like it a reality. You can have complete control of your audio, video, security, lighting, and climate control systems right at your fingertips.

Control is an integral part of every system Audio Insight installs. Whether we are installing a custom home theater, a whole house music system, or a fully automated home control solution, we know how important ease of use is to our customers. No matter how powerful or impressive a system's performance can be, it means little if the end-user can not operate the equipment.

At Audio Insight, we want our customers and their families to enjoy their systems full capabilities. By integrating a well thought out control system, we can take the headaches out of today's hi-end technologies.

Eliminate your remote clutter and take the frustration out of what should be simple tasks like enjoying a DVD or listening to CDs. Come talk to one of the experts at Audio Insight and see these systems in action.

Audio Insight...We put the power and performance of today's technology in the palm of your hand.