Conduct meetings with confidence.

In an automated boardroom or conference room Audio Insight can make it possible to lower a screen, dim the lights, turn on a projector, or even connect to an office on another continent. A Control4® automation system eliminates all the technical headaches and allows you to get down to business.

At Audio Insight we can make your boardroom easy to use and give the professional experience you expect. Some examples of what we can do for you are as follows:

Select the setup of the room with the touch of a button, meetings, presentations, video
conferencing and more.
Automatically dim the lights and put down shades to create the perfect atmosphere for
your presentation.
Modify the backlighting, select which PC to display on your projector, bring up the volume to
the perfect level, all with one touch.
Impress your colleagues, customers and partners with one-touch scenes that dim or raise the
lights, and change the background music.
Integrate audio and video-conferencing systems into one easy-to-use experience.
Choose to manage the system from an elegant touch screen or an app on your tablet,
smart phone, or laptop.